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Damen customer upgrades to a bigger Shoalbuster

Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands, headquartered ISA Towage BV recently named the latest addition to its flee, a Damen Shoalbuster 3209, in a ceremony at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld.

Named ISA, the vessel is the company’s second Shoalbuster — and the second to carry that name. The first ISA was a smaller Shoalbuster 2709 delivered at the close of 2016 and this latest vessel replaced it.

The upgrade is the result of an offer made to Willem-Harm Mastenbroek, owner and managing director of ISA Towage B.V., by Jos van Woerkum, managing director of Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld.

“When he offered us the opportunity to upgrade to a Shoalbuster 3209 that had just been just completed, it was just too good to miss,” says Willem-Harm Mastenbroek.

ISA Towage’s current client at the time had informed them that the existing vessel did not have sufficient bollard pull for the next contract and that 50 tonnes of bollard pull would be needed. So the decision to make the step up to a bigger vessel with more capabilities was easily made and later in the summer the new 3209 replaced its predecessor in the Baltic Sea. In addition to allowing the company to fullfil its current contract, the new acquisition allows itto explore new and better opportunities, and to take on a wider range of contracts.

“This was the result of a fortuitous concurrence of circumstances in which a customer seeking a Shoalbuster 2709 allowed us to offer them the smaller ISA while at the same time we at DSHa were able to give ISA Towage B.V. the opportunity to upgrade to a Shoalbuster 3209,” said the Jos van Woerkum. “In the event, the proposition worked well for ISA Towage while we at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld were able to complete both sides of the deal. We can now look back both to a productive partnership between ISA Towage B.V. and our yard, as well as to a successful naming ceremony and party for the Shoalbuster 3209 ISA, and we wish her and her crew safe voyaging.”

Shoalbusters are among the most versatile vessels in Damen’s range of workboats. The name references their ability to operate in shallow waters, but the 32 m x 9 m ISA is also ready for a broad spectrum of operations including towing, mooring, pushing, anchor handling and dredging support.

To achieve this, ISA Towage specified an equipment package that includes twin Caterpillar engines delivering 3,500 bhp for 52 tonnes of bollard pull and a top speed of 11 knots, an HS Marine deck crane giving 8 tonnes of lift at 16 m, and a 50-tonne towing and a 12-tonne tugger winch. The fully air-conditioned interior has comfortable accommodation for up to seven crew. All the necessary modifications were carried out within a four-week period.