Two AK40 LE4 cranes for new projects access_alarm

Marine Harvest Scotland has ordered two innovative new utility vessels from Dutch firm Nauplius Workboats.

The custom-built landing utility vessels are due to be delivered later in the year. While traditional landing crafts have their deckhouse on the aft the new models, N009 and N010, have the deckhouse on the side. This creates extra workspace for when the vessel is alongside salmon pens.

The vessels are designed with a beam of up to 7.25m, which makes it possible to install a HS.Marine crane with a maximum capacity of 1480 kg @ 15.09m. Both workboats are also deeper, making it possible to install two sleeping cabins below deck.

The Volvo Penta main engines and the more than double the capacity of the generator, which is now 100 kVA with a front end connected hydraulic pump of 100CC @ 290 bar, which will enable higher electrical and hydraulic power supplies on deck.

This vessel has been designed by Argos Engineering BV, uniquely combining the traditional deck layout of a multi-cat with the bow of a traditional landing craft which will enable the N009 and N010 to load easily on slipways.

“Due to the versatile design it is, with some minor adjustments, also possible to use this concept in other markets, especially where quays are not readily available and slipways are more common,” says Gerrit Knol, technical director at Nauplius Workboats.

The vessels will have MCA operational envelopes of 60 miles from a safe haven. They are also fully metallised and antiseptic where possible to minimize the risk of contamination of the fish.

By Rob Fletcher